Worm Composting Basics

Worm composting has become a normal part of my weekly routine as I’ve sought to live more sustainably. Although I haven’t achieved the level of affection my granddaughter shows for the worms, she wants to name them, I am grateful for the work they do to cut down on my food waste. Why Compost? While […]

Make Sustainably Grown Flowers a Priority This Valentine’s Day

ethical flowers

Are you buying a loved one flowers this Valentine’s Day? Consider purchasing sustainably grown flowers as a symbol of your love. Valentine’s Day used to be a time to write a love letter, craft a card, or pick some flowers for your love. Things have changed drastically as the holiday has become a commercial bonanza […]

What is a Sustainable Journey?

  Defining Sustainable Journey When choosing a name for this website I considered many and landed on, Sustainable Journey.  I like the word sustainable, as it combines different aspects of living lightly on the earth, with living well. In order for anything to be sustainable, long-term health must be built in.  One common definition of […]

Simple, Sustainable, No Waste Water Filter

The science behind activated charcoal is nothing new or mysterious. Most water treatment facilities use some sort of activated charcoal in their process, and many home water filtration systems, including those name brand filtering pitchers, have charcoal filters.