The Sustainable Journey explores the challenge of living responsibly in an era of consumption and convenience.

Sustainability, that elusive balance between ethics, environment, and economy, is a topic that continues to challenge and change me. Here I’ll explore my imperfect journey into a more sustainable life.

I hope you’ll join me.

Refuse Plastic

Refuse plastic, just say no Refuse plastic, that is my best advice. Refusing to bring plastic into your life and home is the easiest and

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Worm Composting Basics

Worm composting has become a normal part of my weekly routine as I’ve sought to live more sustainably. Although I haven’t achieved the level of

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Simple, Sustainable, No Waste Water Filter

The science behind activated charcoal is nothing new or mysterious. Most water treatment facilities use some sort of activated charcoal in their process, and many home water filtration systems, including those name brand filtering pitchers, have charcoal filters.

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