Refuse Plastic

Refuse plastic, just say no Refuse plastic, that is my best advice. Refusing to bring plastic into your life and home is the easiest and most effective method for cutting down plastic consumption. Just refuse. Refusing costs nothing. Refusing is simple. Refusing is powerful. Refuse the straw at the restaurant. Refuse the plastic bag at […]

Worm Composting Basics

Worm composting has become a normal part of my weekly routine as I’ve sought to live more sustainably. Although I haven’t achieved the level of affection my granddaughter shows for the worms, she wants to name them, I am grateful for the work they do to cut down on my food waste. Why Compost? While […]

4 Plastic Free Hair Care Options

4 Zero waste shampoo options

Plastic and toxin free The bathroom is the 2nd largest contributor to waste in the average household. (First is the kitchen) Shampoo and conditioner bottles are an often overlooked single use plastic. Here are 4 plastic free hair care options so that you can wash your hair while protecting your health and caring for the […]

What is a Sustainable Journey?

  Defining Sustainable Journey When choosing a name for this website I considered many and landed on, Sustainable Journey.  I like the word sustainable, as it combines different aspects of living lightly on the earth, with living well. In order for anything to be sustainable, long-term health must be built in.  One common definition of […]

Plastic Free July, Why I Participate

Everything mankind has EVER made from plastic still exists, and it’s not going anywhere. Plastic is now in the deepest parts of the oceans, in the dust in our homes, in the bottled water that we purchase, and in the foods that we eat. Every time we wash our clothes microfibers enter our water systems, every time we drink bottled water we add to a landfill.

Going Plastic Free

I had to get clear on why I wanted to change my lifestyle. Much of my thought process was on lining up my values with my actions. Having grandchildren challenged me to consider the world I’m leaving them, being a person of faith challenged me to consider how I was caring for creation.